Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows protect you and your home from wind, snow, and rain year after year without peeling, cracking, or warping. Also vinyl windows are low maintenance and never need painting, that’s why we offer the best in vinyl windows. Milgard and Cascade produce their vinyl windows in many shapes, sizes, grid and glass options that come standard with Low-E glass. They even have many exterior color choices with interior choices of white, almond, clay and tan.

Milgard offers 4 series of windows, the Tuscany, Montecito,  Quiet Line and the Styleline Series. Their Tuscany and Montecito windows have a larger frame depth and give equal sight lines for a more traditional look. Milgard designed the Quiet Line Series windows for exceptional sound control in midst of the busiest environments. To keep a uniform look throughout,  Quiet Line Series can be matched with the window styles from the Montecito and Tuscany Series. For a more contemporary look you would want the Styleline series which reduces the frame profile and maximizes the viewing area.

Cascade also offers different series, profiles and frame depths. The structural integrity of Cascade Windows’ slider windows and doors is apparent throughout every product offering from the Cascade series to the WinPro. If you are looking for a great replacement window with premium insulation, Cascade series is the way to go. If you are looking to add design innovation and a contemporary look to your building project, look to the WinPro series.

Wood Windows

The beauty and tradition of Wood Windows is always a welcome add to any home.  With the use of Milgard Essence, PellaJeld-WenEagle or Milgard Woodclad your options are virtually endless.

Milgard Woodclad is another great alternative for the Pacific Northwest.  Combining the integrity and paint ability of fiberglass with the beauty of vertical grain fir, Milgard has a full product line to choose from. All Milgard windows come standard with high performance Low E glass for energy efficiency.   With the flexibility of Milgard making everything to order, you are not limited to “standard” sizes.  This creates an even better alternative for window replacement.

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass is a great alternative to a wood window. The Ultra Series manufactured by Milgard benefits from the maintenance features and stability of fiberglass, while appearing as a traditional wood frame. Fiberglass is impervious to elements such as cold, heat, insects, salt air and ultra violet rays. One of the largest advantages to fiberglass is the ability to be painted. You can also choose from 5 standard exterior colors at which the interior comes pre finished white. The baked on paint finish won’t peel or eggshell, unlike a painted wood finish. The window itself has the same thermal expansion and contraction as glass to prevent the glass units from stress and leaking.

Aluminum Windows

To achieve a sleek contemporary look or to match existing windows for replacement or new additions we offer Milgard aluminum windows. Aluminum windows combine clean narrow sightlines with strength and stability. Traditional aluminum windows are best suited for milder climates, but Milgards thermally-improved windows thrive in more extreme conditions. Aluminum windows are found in many applications from entry level and custom homes to light commercial projects.

Exterior Doors

Codel Entry Systems

We offer a large selection of exterior doors featuring steel, smooth fiberglass, textured fiberglass, wood and woodclad with many glass light options including clear and decorative glass with the ability to add matching sidelights and transoms. We are a distributor for Codel, Simpson, Kolbe & Kolbe, Milgard, Marvin and ThermaTru.

  • Steel Doors offer a resistance to corrosion and oxidation. Steel will not warp and allows for a cost effective entry system.
  • Smooth Fiberglass Doors are virtually maintenance free and do not require painting.
  • The Textured Fiberglass Doors offer an authentic wood grain that can be stained or painted.
  • Vinyl Doors eliminate painting and protects from sun and water damage.
  • Wood Doors are offered in a broad range of species. Grain patterns and color vary widely, adding texture, warmth and personality.
  • Woodclad Doors offer the beauty of wood on the interior with the protection of a fiberglass exterior.

Shower Enclosures


We offer AgaliteHolcam and Oldcastle Building Envelope as our shower door enclosure distributors. Agalite and Oldcastle doors offer the best in hardware installation. Most Agalite hardware is installed through holes drilled through the glass which is more secure than clamped on hardware. We are able to offer standard layouts and custom configurations. All glass has a frameless design. You are able to choose from many color and finishes for your metal frame, you can even match a specific color. You also have many different glass options available such as clear or tinted glass, textured and patterned, or even decorative designs like etched or grooved art.

Moving Glass Wall Systems

moving glass wall

Milgard Moving Glass Wall Systems beautifully integrate with the other Milgard windows and patio doors in your home. Choose from several stock finishes including white, black anodized aluminum and wood clad (clear vertical grain Douglas Fir and Pine). The hardware is also available in the same finishes as you windows to provide a complete, unified look for your vision. Large glass panels offer sweeping outdoor views, flooding the room with natural light and fresh air. Available in a stacking, pocket or bi-fold style, these glass walls are sleek and modern, and available in designer colors that fit into your vision.


Although windows are a large part of our business, mirrors are just as important to us. We stock 2×3 oval mirrors with a 1″ beveled edge. We also stock large sheets of mirror which makes it easy to accommodate nearly all projects. We are also able to build mirror walls to any dimension and easily adjust to wall power or telephone outlets. With the help from Hartung Glass Industries we can get many types of specialty mirror such as bronzed and grey and custom shapes and sizes.

Tubular Skylight


Tubular skylights are a great option to lighten a dark area where a traditional skylight is not feasible or you do not need a view of the world. They are the perfect solution for hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, and walk in closets that could benefit from some extra natural light. Tubular skylights can easily be mounted in many applications and can be installed around many obstructions using the flexible tunnel option. The standard rigid tube has a coating applied to have a highly reflective surface. We offer Solatube brand skylights as well as the Velux Suntunnel.

Fixed Skylight

Capital Glass offers a wide assortment of skylights to meet any need — light and ventilation, roof construction, roof material, roof pitch or ceiling type. We carry VeluxCrystaliteTamlite, and Milgard skylights. Compared to old plastic skylights, you will notice a more durable, energy efficient product that reduces exterior noise and won’t discolor, leak, or allow drafts. Low-E coating is applied to the glass for heat gain and protection against fabric fading. You can control the amount of light in your room by using the optional cellular shades, lightblock shades, Venetian blinds, or an exterior heat block awning. The shades, blinds, and awnings can be controlled either electrically with an infrared remote control system or manually with telescoping rods.

Operable Skylight

VeluxCrystaliteTamlite, and Milgard make it easy to own an operable skylight. You are able to choose from manual or electric venting skylights. The venting skylight aids in air circulation through out your home or business. They also help vent condensation in damp areas such as a bathroom and kitchens. The motorized versions open and close quickly and quietly and come with a preinstalled concealed motor, control system, and two rain sensors to automatically close the unit when our Northwest weather acts up. You are able to add optional blinds with the venting skylight just as you would with a fixed skylight. An insect screen is included with the venting skylights for protection when the skylight is open.


We offer Larson as our storm door supplier. Larson offers the widest range of styles and colors that allow you to match a door to the look and feel of your home.


For retractable screens we offer Larson retractable screens. Retractable screens are great for keeping out unwanted pests while disappearing when not being used. Retractable screens can be used on front and back door entrances, French doors, patio doors, and even garage doors. These retractable screens are available in white, earth-tone brown, and sand stone (garage doors only available in white).

We at Capital Glass are able to fix or replace any of your destroyed or missing window and door screens.

Replacement Glass, Specialty Glass & Miscellaneous

textured glass

Whether it be broken glass, failed units or simply an upgrade to better, more efficient glass, we are able to help you out.

We at Capital Glass have a broad range of products and resources such as Hartung Glass Industries that can accommodate your specialty glass needs. We are able to cut most standard shapes such as notches and holes out of most types of glass, and we also have the convenience of acquiring more than 40 not so standard shapes. These fabrications can be done on an array of glass types which include decorative and color glass and also laminates. We are able to supply to you a beveled, flat, pencil, and miter glass edges. We can help you with most over-sized glass purchases also.

If you need anything from new tabletop, desktop, cabinet or railing glass we are the place to find it. We are able to accommodate you with any of your glass needs.

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